Our Team

The WIRe is proud to have a team of talented undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of different disciplines. Our writers and editors are passionate and engaged global citizens who strive to learn and educate others about global issues, and understand that quality is of the utmost importance. 

Editor-in-Chief: Cormac O’Harrow

Cormac O’Harrow is a Senior studying Economics and International Studies with a concentration on global security and diplomacy. His writing has become more focused on technology policy and cybersecurity. Outside of the WIRe, Cormac is an avid skier and enjoys travel. Here’s his LinkedIn

Deputy Editor In Chief: Dana Craig

Dana is a Senior studying Political Science and English. Her writing for the WIRe focuses on issues of inequity and social injustice that she feels have been underrepresented in mainstream media. Post-graduation, Dana plans to attend law school, but for now she spends her time outside of the WIRe taking hikes and reading good books.

Deputy Editor in Chief: Sophia Halverson

Sophia is a Senior majoring in International Studies, English, and History and is pursuing a minor in European Studies. Her writing for the WIRe tends to focus on events in the European Union. Outside of the WIRe she likes to read, write stories, travel, and spend time with her pets.

Communications Coordinator: Pooja Gundimeda

Pooja is a Junior majoring in Political Science with a certificate in African Studies, and has the intention of going to law school after graduation. Her writing focuses on domestic issues that occur in the Middle East, as she is very interested in the social and political issues of that region. Outside of the WIRE she is involved in philanthropic organizations in the Madison community and she loves to dance! Check out her LinkedIn!

Editor: Kamika Patel

Kamika is a Sophomore double majoring in International Studies and Communications with certificates in Business and Educational Policy. Her writing for the WIRe tends to focus on humanitarian issues and social injustices that she feels have been underrepresented in mainstream media. Outside of the WIRe, Kamika enjoys travel, taking hikes, and drinking coffee with friends. Check out her LinkedIn!

Editor: Ken Wang

Haoyan “Ken” Wang (he/him/his) is a junior studying Political Science, International Studies, and Journalism with certificates in German, Public Policy, and European Studies. His articles for the WIRe focus on foreign policy and international affairs. He plans to continue studying international affairs in graduate school and write after getting his master’s degree. When not writing for the WIRe, he enjoys reading and playing open-world role playing games and first-person shooting games. Check out his LinkedIn!

Editor: Cameron Yonan

Cameron Yonan is a Political Science major focused on the EU and German politics. Cameron plans on attending pursing a Master’s in International Affairs and Public Policy. You can find their LinkedIn here!

Editor: Kate Roglieri

Kate is a senior studying Political Science and International Studies on the global economics track. Her writing for the WIRE is mostly focused on European politics and issues of nuclear proliferation. She is planning on attending law school next fall and wants to study human rights and international law. When not writing for the WIRE, Kate likes to travel, go for runs, and try out all the different restaurants in Madison! Check out her LinkedIn here.

Editor: Pranav Krishnan

Pranav (he/him) is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Economics. His writing for the WIRe focuses on American foreign policy and strategic competition. Outside of the WIRe, he enjoys reading, traveling, and backpacking. Here’s his LinkedIn!